B.EL.Ed English Medium Books 2021-22

B.EL.Ed Books

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B.EL.Ed 1st Year Books

B.EL.Ed First Year Contemporary India ( Updated 2021 )

beled first year contemporary India

This book is about the subject Contemporary India which is a part of B.EL.Ed 1st year syllabus. You will find all the information in English with high accuracy and clarity. 

This is very helpful for students pursuing Bachelor of Elementry Education 1st Year.
I hope you will like my efforts in this book.

B.EL.Ed First Year Nature of Language 


This book “Nature of Language contains a detailed description of the teaching-learning concepts of language at the primary and secondary levels. 
This is a coursebook for B.EL.Ed which contains full detailed content according to the syllabus. This book will definitely help the students in developing their understanding. Previous year question papers are also provided and I hope this book will definitely help students.

B.EL.Ed First Year Core Social Science

Core Social Science Book

Core Social Science is a descriptive book for students pursuing B.El.Ed first year. 
This book contains detailed content according to the need and syllabus. Topics like the Importance of social science, social philosophies (nationalism, democracy, secularism, communalism, fascism, etc), social change, stratification, culture, etc and many more topics are available in this book which will help the student gain knowledge. 
Content will also help the student tackle the questions asked in the examination and will score well. Read it and share it. 

B.EL.Ed First Year Core Natural Science 


This book is related to B.EL.Ed and other educational courses. It includes the content of Natural Sciences ( like General Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

For your convenience, I have created this material with easy & understandable sentences.
Hope you like it 🙂

B.EL.Ed First Year Child Development ( Updated ) 


I relate this book to B.EL.ED COURSE for the first year of the subject CHILD DEVELOPMENT“. 
This book contains every information regarding the topics of each unit as per the syllabus of B.El.Ed.

I am sure this is definitely helpful for all those who are pursuing B.EL.Ed and interested in the subject ‘CHILD DEVELOPMENT’.

It is in English and it covers all the chapters with proper notes along with previous year question papers.

B.EL.Ed 2nd Year Books

B.EL.Ed Second Year Cognition & Learning  


B.EL.Ed Second Year Language Acquisition


B.EL.Ed Second Year Human Relations & Communications 


B.EL.Ed Second Year Language Across the Curriculum 


Identifying Gifted,Creative & Problematic Children for CCSU – Second year


English 1 | B.EL.Ed Second Year |  


B.EL.Ed 3rd Year Books

English 2 | B.EL.Ed Third Year |  


B.EL.Ed Third Year School Planning & Management


B.EL.Ed Third Year Pedagogy of Environmental Education


B.EL.Ed Third Year Basic Concept in Education  



These books are written by Radhika Agarwal, She is B.EL.Ed, UPTET & CTET Qualified and she is also the owner of this blog.

Also, you can contact us here, if you have any queries, suggestions, etc

Thank you and do share it with your friends!

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